a very active housewife Who is Samadieh

This Atelier is in memory of my mother, Mrs. Samadieh Fakhar, who lived for 58 years (until 1971) and had six children, losing one of them just eight months old. This child was naturally the sweetest and most beautiful to her, and passed away in a domestic accident through the fault of others. She was, like all the mothers in our community, a strong and active believer. In fact they were all proudly active members of various commissions and committees. For them, new clothes had to be worn and inaugurated at religious celebrations, and savings, which were difficult to come by, donated to the Fund. By order of Shoghi Effendi another activity was added, which aroused a joyful din and a bustle of effort with the active and willing participation of women until then unknown to us, who attended my mother’s class, as well as other mothers who came once a week from the suburbs. They came to learn to read and write in order to be able to vote.


In addition to these collective endeavors that belonged roughly to all mothers, each lady had a specific one. On one of the intercalary days, my mother invited all the university students off-site to a dinner with games and small prizes. The event was eagerly awaited by all. For many years the facilitator of these feasts was our beloved Faramarz Samandari, a close friend, like a son to her. Then a medical student, a sweet and meticulous man, who was eventually executed on 13 July 1980, in Tabriz.

Faramarz Samandari

Samadieh was hospitable, empathic and generous, with a very unique hobby. She told stories of classical literature, sometimes reciting them. For the dialogues, she moved into the living room several times, even changing her voice. If the hero returned from a long journey, she would go out, close the door and announce his arrival by knocking hard on the door and so on. Her stories, always requested by friends and neighbors in their meetings, sent everyone into a joyous frenzy.