Literary Competition Samadieh SIMPLE REGISTRATION


Enclose your registration form

Please fill in the registration form (enclosure A) indicating the category/categories you wish to participate in:
a) Category ESSAYS (€20 per participant)
b) Category PROSE (€20 per participant)
c) Category POETRY (€20 per participant) 

Enclose proof of payment

Enclose proof of payment:
- by bank transfer
- by credit card online 

Attach documents

We accept scripts in the following formats:
-Microsoft Word

Enclose your identity document

If the participant is a minor, please enclose the identity document of the participant as well as the authorization signed by both parents (Enclosure B)

Enclose the authorization for the processing of your personal data

Please fill in the form sheet for the processing of your personal data and add your signature.

Payment of the registration fee

For payment by bank transfer, please use the following account number:
-IBAN: IT45V0623003215000043187388

Please fill in the listed form sheets and send them to

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